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Rumored music track for Madonna and William Orbit’s Beautiful Killer from MDNA. Desperately hoping this is real.

Here’s some more rumors from the DrownedMadonna forum concerning MDNA, M’s upcoming schedule, promotion and why she suddenly seemingly dropped off the face of the earth:

MDNA is NOTHING like this song (Give Me All Your Luvin’). Even Solveig said they would’ve changed the lead single had Nicki and M.I.A. not been involved…all of the promotions tie into this as well. There won’t be a lot of performances of GMAYL, but there will be performances from the album. Everything is incredibly quiet, on purpose.

Mixes from Price, Orbit and Solveig do exist, and I’m assuming are the bonus tracks on the deluxe version. I’ve been told they are incredible, some just feature Madonna. From what I’ve been told this album is very much like Like a Prayer. Some truly amazing songs that will touch and hit close to home with a lot of people, some songs that will make you think, WTF?, and some songs that will just make you move.

I can reveal that everyone involved with GMAYL was devastated at the leaking of the track, and unlike past times, another choice was made for release. Unfortunately both M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj had worked their releases and promotions around GMAYL and the Super Bowl as well. W.E. wasn’t meant to conflict with the album. Nothing has been announced, but she will be doing promo concerts and appearances, a lot in the U.S.


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  2. tarns answered: It’s a really beautiful melodic piece but I highly doubt this is real.
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  4. whatthetits answered: it sounds like madonna, it also sounds like the “bang bang” snippet that leaked a few months ago.
  5. enfantdusiecle answered: I really hope everytinh said there is true, fingers cross!
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    Hopefully this is real, never doubt Madonna’s ballads.
  7. lionxheartedxwarrior answered: this sounds beautiful. makes me even more excited for the album
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    As much as “Give Me All Your Luvin’” has grown on me, I am SO RELIEVED.
  11. sparkleneelysparkle said: Good, I love Madonna, but Gimme All Your Luvin isn’t really a good song.
  12. restti answered: Hopefully this is true. I like GMAYL, but we know Madonna can do better. She has in the past. I hope this album is better than LAP and ROL.
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